Overseas pensions etc

Use this section to add details of income received from overseas pensions or social security benefits. Also include any pensions or annuities paid in the UK on behalf of an overseas pension provider. Do not include income from purchased life annuities. Overseas pension schemes that are registered in the UK should be included in the section Other UK pensions.

All amounts of foreign income received and foreign tax paid must be entered in sterling.

In most circumstances foreign income only needs be declared where the tax payer is resident in the UK for all or part of the tax year. Do not enter foreign income if the tax payer is non-resident as Taxfiler will include all entered income on the return and computation.

  • Country’ Enter the name of the country from which the pension is paid. If you have pensions paid from more than one country, add a new section for each country.
  • Claim Foreign Tax Credit Relief?’ Tick this box to claim foreign tax credit relief on any foreign tax suffered.

Pension details are entered via a grid

  • Description of income’ Enter a brief description of the pension receipt.
  • Gross income arising‘ Enter the sterling amount before any tax is taken off.
  • Foreign tax taken off’ Enter the sterling amount of any foreign tax deducted.
  • UK tax taken off’ Enter the amount of any UK tax withheld.
  • ‘Taxable amount’ This field will show the taxable amount of the pension, after the deduction and any foreign tax deducted.

To delete a line from the grid, click the ‘trash can‘ button at the end of the line.

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