Repayment details

This section is accessed via the data input tab within the tax return and is used to enter details of the client or nominee bank account that you wish to use for repayments of overpaid tax.

Repayment to Tax Adviser

  • Act as nominee for tax repayments?’ Tick this box if you wish to act as the nominee for repayments.

The remaining fields in this section will only be displayed if you have ticked the box above.

  • Branch/office/dept to act as nominee‘ Select from the drop down list, the branch, office or department of your firm that you wish to be used as the nominee. You must have setup the details already – see Office/Branch/Department settings.
  • Account to use‘ Select the nominee account that you wish to use. You must have setup the account details already – see bank account(s).
  • Nominee name‘ This field will show the nominee name that will be shown on the Tax Return.
  • Address‘ This field will show the nominee address that will be shown on the Tax Return.

Other nominee

Use this section to make the repayment to another nominee.

  • Payment to other nominee?‘ Tick the box to indicate that payment is to be made to a nominee.

The remaining fields in this section will only be displayed if you have ticked the box above.

  • Name of nominee‘ Enter then name of the nominee who is to receive the repayment
  • Address of nominee’ Click Change address to enter or select the address of the nominee. See entering addresses.

Client or nominee bank account

Use this section to enter the details of the bank account to use if the repayment is going to the client or a nominee.

  • Cheque required?‘ Tick this box if a cheque is required. Ticking this box will disable the remaining fields in this section.

Requesting a repayment by cheque to a nominee will not be actioned by HMRC, who will just keep the repayment balance on record. It can then be made to the nominee by cheque if the customer so advises by telephone or in writing to HMRC.

Where a payment to a bank account is requested, complete the following information.

  • Name of bank’ Enter the name of the bank.
  • ‘Sort code (XX-XX-XX)‘ Enter the sort code. Please enter a dash between each of the digits.
  • Account number’ Enter the account number: up to 8 digits with no spaces or punctuation.
  • Name of account holder‘ Enter the name of the account holder as it appears on the account.
  • Building society reference’ Enter any building society reference required.

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