Bank account(s)

This tab is accessed from the SETTINGS page of the Taxfiler menu ribbon.

The list allows you to store details of bank accounts for receiving repayments from clients, as nominated on a client’s tax return. You will only need to create a record if you wish HMRC to make tax repayments to you as the nominee.

Create a new bank account

To create a new account, click Create New… and fill in the details of the account.

Click Save changes to return to the list.

Editing a bank account

To edit an account click on the name of the account you wish to amend. Make any changes required, click Save changes when you have completed any required charges.

Changing the bank details will affect all tax returns that link to the record, with the exception of returns that have been locked in preparation for filing.

Nickname for this account – enter a name or nickname by which the account will be known in Taxfiler. The nickname that you enter for the account is used only for selecting the correct account within the tax return and is not shown on the tax return itself.

Name of bank – enter the name of the bank.
Name of account holder- enter the name of the account.
Sort-code (XX-XX-XX) – enter the sort code in the standard format of three groups of 2 digits separated by dashes.
Account number – enter the 8 digit account number.
Building society account reference – enter the reference for the account, if any.