Tax adviser and signatory details (SA900)

Tax adviser details are for memo purposes and are no longer included on the Tax Return

Tax adviser

  • ‘Choose tax adviser branch/office/dept’ Choose from the drop down list of offices, branches or departments in order to select the tax adviser.
  • ‘Name of tax adviser’ This field shows the name of the selected tax adviser.
  • ‘Phone number’ This field shows the tax adviser phone number.
  • ‘Address’ This field shows the tax adviser address.
  • ‘Reference’ Enter the reference.
  • ‘Client’s daytime telephone” This field will be used to populate the Client’s Daytime Telephone Number box on the Tax Return. This can be left blank if required.


Use this section when a signatory is signing on behalf of the tax payer.

  • Date signed‘ Enter the date signed.
  • Name of signatory’ Enter the name of the signatory.
  • Address of signatory‘ Use the Change address button to enter the address of the signatory. See entering addresses in Taxfiler.
  • Capacity in which signing‘ Enter the capacity in which the signatory is signing the Tax Return (e.g. Executor).