Tax adviser and signatory details

This section is accessed via the Data input within the tax return and is used to specify the tax adviser and signatory information that you wish to appear on the form.

Tax advisor

  • Choose tax adviser branch/office/dept – choose from the drop-down list of offices, branches or departments in order to select the tax adviser details that you wish to include on the Tax Return.
  • Name of tax adviser – this field shows the name of the selected tax adviser as it will appear on the Tax Return.
  • Phone number – this field shows the tax adviser phone number that will appear on the Tax Return.
  • Address – this field shows the tax adviser address that will appear on the Tax Return.
  • Reference – enter the reference that you would like to see in the Tax adviser reference box of the Tax Return.
  • Client’s daytime telephone – this field will be used to populate the Client’s Daytime Telephone Number box on the Tax Return. This can be left blank if required.


Use this section when a signatory is signing on behalf of the tax payer. In a partnership this should usually be the nominated partner.

  • Date signed – enter the date signed.
  • Name of signatory – enter the name of the signatory.
  • Address of signatory – use the Change address button to enter the address of the signatory. See entering addresses in Taxfiler.
  • Capacity in which signing – enter the capacity in which the signatory is signing the Tax Return (for example, Executor).