This page is accessed by clicking RETURNS on the menu. The page shows a list of Tax Returns on file. Click on the ‘code’ or ‘name‘ to open that Tax Return.


If you are licensed for multiple users and have configured the staff responsibilities for your clients then by default only the clients applicable to you will be displayed. You can change the filters by using the drop-down selectors.

You can also use the drop-down selectors to view returns for a single year, by return type or status. Note that if you select a tax year then only self assessment returns will be shown in the list; company tax returns will be removed.

Searching returns

You can click in the Search tax returns box and enter text to search on.

The search will scan all of the following fields for matching text:

  • Client code (for example, ABC/1)
  • Client name (for example, smith)
  • UTR (for example, 12345678 or 55750)
  • Year (for example, 2014)
  • Type (for example, CT600, SA100)
  • Your ref (for example, XX/7F)

The search is not case-sensitive, but note that the filters selected in the drop-down boxes will still be applied. All matching tax returns will be displayed in the list.


Click on a column header to sort the list. Click again to reverse the direction of the sort.