Trust register

This screen is accessed via the data input tab within the tax return. Changes to trustees, beneficiaries, settlors, agents etc must be updated to the Trust Register.

‘Status’ can be selected via the drop down list,

‘Trustees (Memo), this information is for memo purposes only. This information should now be included in the HMRC Trust Register. Select + Add trustee a new window opens to be completed


  • Name‘ Enter the trustee name
  • ‘Address’ Click on change address to enter the address, see entering addresses for further information.

Trustee Status

  • Is this the acting trustee for [year]?
  • Is this ta new trustee for [year]?
  • Is this trustee retiring in [year]?
  • Did trustee change address in [year]?

Trust register

  • ‘Have all changes been updated to the Trust Register?’