Deleting a client

To delete a client, choose the client by selecting CLIENTS on the Taxfiler menu, and selecting the client from the list by clicking on the field displayed in blue, which will open the client window. The Archive/Delete tab can be used to delete the client.

If the Archive/Delete tab is not available then you may not have permissions to delete clients. Also note that some Taxfiler products do not allow deletion of client data.

Archiving the client

Before deleting a client we recommend downloading an archive copy and storing it safely, as a client deletion cannot be undone. To download an archive copy click Download archived client button. The archived file will be stored with the extension .taxfiler. The information in the file is encrypted and can only be read by restoring the data to Taxfiler.


Delete the client by clicking Delete client. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete the client.

WARNING: Deleted clients are removed permanently and cannot be retrieved unless an archive of the client has been downloaded and saved.