Editing a client

To edit a client’s details, choose the client from the CLIENTS list by selecting CLIENTS from the Taxfiler menu and clicking on the client. You can also access the client details from within a tax return, by selecting the Client/Case details tab and clicking Goto client, or from within the Accounts section by selecting the Details tab, and clicking Goto client.

Details tab

The details tab allows editing of key client details such as the code, name, UTR or contact information. It is not possible to change the type of a client.


This tab is only applicable for a partnership client. It shows the partners for the partnership along with their dates of joining and leaving. Use New partner to create a partner, or click on an existing partner to edit the partner details.


Use this tab to modify the responsibilities assigned to this client. Specify the office, branch or department which deals with the client’s affairs and the partner, manager and/or staff primarily responsible for the client. For larger firms this information can be used to filter lists of clients. Where you are using the Practice Management module, this information will be used when creating jobs for the client.


This tab lists the jobs that you have for the client. The default is to list the active jobs, there are filters on the tab to select completed jobs or closed jobs


Where the Practice Management module has been enabled this tab will indicate the services you supply for the client, you can add or delete services.

Tax Returns

Lists the tax returns that have been started for this client, along with their current status. To create a new tax return, click +New Tax Return. To access an existing Tax Return displayed in the list, click on a field displayed in blue to open it.


Lists the accounts that have been prepared for this client, along with their current status. To create a new set of accounts, click +New set of accounts…. To open an existing set of accounts displayed in the list, click on a field displayed in blue to open it.


Here you can add any notes specific to this client, click on the +New note button, type in the relevant information and click Save. The time and date and user information are saved on the note. The note can be edited by clicking Edit on the far right of the screen.

IRIS OpenSpace

Depending on the package you have purchased and whether you have opted for an IRIS OpenSpace account this tab may or may not be available. This screen will show the documents that you have sent to the client for approval via IRIS OpenSpace portal.


The Connections tab gives you the option to link to external accounting software packages, currently links are available to ‘KashFlow’, ‘Quickbooks online’, ‘Xero’. Click Connect and select the software package from the list, a new window will open and you will need to sign into the software and authorise Taxfiler to access the accounts.


This tab will be available depending on the package you have purchased and if you have administrator privileges. It allows you to download an archive copy of the Taxfiler client data which can be moved to a different database or stored for a future restore. Administrators can use this tab to delete a client.

WARNING: Deleted clients are removed permanently and cannot be retrieved unless an archive has been downloaded.