Income from UK property (From 2021/22 onwards)

The screens for Income from UK property can be found in the Data Input tab within the tax return by clicking on + Add a new section… This section is used for entering income from UK property and income from UK and EEA Furnished Holiday Lets. There is a separate section for foreign property income 

When entering property income you can choose to enter each property into a separate section, or you can place all properties of a particular type into the same section. Taxfiler will aggregate the results for the tax return form. 

When going into Income from UK property a new screen opens with the following tabs: 

  • Business Details 

Please click on any of the above options to see Help on these tabs. 

HMRC provide help with the completion of the Income from UK property pages self-assessment-income-from-uk-property-sa105

Business Details 

UK Property Business 

  • Date property business commenced – Enter a date within this box to show when the 1st property was purchased for the business.  
  • Date property business ceased – Enter a date within this box if all properties have been ceased within the tax year and you do not expect to receive such income in 2022-23.  
  • Non-resident landlord – Tick this box if the landlord is Non-resident in the UK.  


  • Start of accounting period – Enter the start of the accounting period for the whole property business. 
  • End of accounting period – Enter the end of the accounting period for the whole property business. 
  • How are income and expenses calculated? – Select from the two options in the drop-down list. Accruals (traditional) basis or Cash basis 

Property Income Allowance (up to £1000) 

  • Claim relief against property income? – Tick the box if you wish to claim property income relief for additional information refer to HMRC guide

Joint Lettings 

  • Is any property let jointly? – Tick the box if a property is let jointly by more than 1 individual. 

Additional text note for Tax Return 

  • Enter any additional information you would like HMRC to be aware of that is not required in any other box on the UK Property pages of the Tax return. This includes the Names and addresses of record keepers for properties let jointly. (This will populate Box 19 on page TR 7 of the Tax return).