Navigation and input

Taxfiler is a browser-based application so uses a simple interface of links and buttons to move around, and standard browser input controls for entering information. This makes Taxfiler easy to use both on a traditional computer with a mouse, or when using a touch-screen device.

Areas of the screen

At the very top of the Taxfiler screen you will see a bar with the Taxfiler logo and which shows your login email address and a ‘Logout’ link.

Below this is the green menu bar which allows you to move to different areas of Taxfiler, this consists of  HOME, RETURNS, ACCOUNTS, CLIENTS, SETTINGS and TOOLS

Below the menu is the main working area of Taxfiler. This area may scroll up and down but the menu will always remain visible at the top of your screen.

Links and buttons

Links are shown as blue text and will be underlined when you hover your mouse over them. Clicking on the blue underlined text will take you to a different screen, as indicated by the link. For example, in a list of clients clicking on the client code or client name link would take you to the screen for that client.

Buttons in Taxfiler are Green and are used to initiate actions, such as Create client or Save changes.

Entering information

Taxfiler uses standard browser controls for most forms of data input.

  • An editable box for entering text, numbers and dates: 
  • A tickbox for indicating yes/no inputs: 
  • A dropdown for selecting from a list of options: Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3

Entering numbers

Most numbers you input will either be amounts in pounds or pence. If you enter pence into a field that only accepts pounds then the pence will be removed. If a field allows pence and you enter more than 2 decimal places then the amount will be rounded.

You may use comma separators in your figures (e.g. 1,000) or just enter the digits (e.g. 1000). Taxfiler will display numbers with comma separators for thousands, and with the pence included if the field accepts pence (e.g. 12,345.67).

Enter negative figures by preceding the value with a minus sign (e.g. -1000) or by enclosing it in brackets (e.g. (1,000)). Taxfiler will show negative figures in brackets.

Entering dates

To enter a date, use one of the recognised formats listed below. Taxfiler will display dates using the DD/MM/YYYY format (e.g. 06/04/2014).

D/M/Y Enter the day, month and year separated with a slash. (e.g. 6/4/14 – 6th April 2014). The year can be entered as either 2 or 4 digits, but some dates will require you to enter a four digit year. For example, if you are entering a date of birth for somebody born in 1914, you will need to enter the full year of 1914 as Taxfiler would assume that 14 referred to 2014.

DDMMYY Enter the day, month and year as 2 digit entries (e.g. 060414 – 6th April 2014).

DDMMYYYY Enter the day and month as 2 digit entries and the year as a 4 digit entry (e.g. 06041914 – 6th April 1914).

Regardless of how you input the date, as soon as you leave the field Taxfiler will re-format the input to DD/MM/YYYY format, unless it cannot recognise the date you have entered.

Mandatory fields

If a field is a required input, it will be shown with a star next to it. Mandatory fields must be entered before the data can be saved.

Saving changes

After you have input information you will normally click a button to save the changes you have made. This button is usually called Save changes. After clicking the button, Taxfiler will check that the information entered is correct. If any errors are found, Taxfiler will display an error next to the field.

You will need to correct any errors before your changes will be saved.

Inputting repeating data into grids

On many screens Taxfiler uses a simple grid to input multiple lines of data.

To add new lines of information just start typing into the bottom line of the grid. As soon as you start typing the grid will be expanded to allow a new empty line at the bottom, and you can therefore enter as many lines as required.

To delete a line from the grid, click the ‘trash can’ icon at the end of the line. Shown below.

Many grids will show totals at the bottom. These will be updated as you add to or amend the contents of the grid.

Screens with multiple tabs

Some screens in Taxfiler have a line of tabs across the top.

To change to a different tab, just click on it and the new page will be displayed.