This tab is accessed from the SETTINGS page on the Taxfiler menu.

This tab lists the users who are set up to access your Taxfiler database. If you have a multi-user licence you will be able to add new users until your user limit is reached.

From here you can modify user details including email address and password.

Create a new user

To create a new user, click Create new user. If the button is not displayed then either you have reached the limit of users for your system or you do not have administrator rights for the database.

For each new user, enter the required information:

  • Code/ Initials A code or initials for the user, which must be unique.
  • Forename enter first name of the user.
  • Surname enter surname of the user.
  • Email address enter the email address of the user. This field is required to allow the user to login to Taxfiler.
  • Level select a level for the user from the drop down list, this can be one of PartnerManagerStaff or None. Partners, managers and staff can be selected on the responsibility tab for a client.
  • Is this user a system administrator Tick the system administrator check box if the user is to have administrator rights, such as the ability to create new users.

After entering the details for the user click Change password button to set a password for the user.

A new user will not be able to login until you have set an email address and password.

Editing a user

To edit a user’s details click on the code or initials of the user you wish to amend.

If you remove a user’s email address or password then they will no longer be able to login to Taxfiler.

Changing a password

To change a user’s password, first click on the user to view their details, then use Change Password button.

Enter the new password. Enter it a second time to confirm, then click Save changes button.

If a user forgets their password they can request a password reset link via email by clicking the Forgotten password link on the login page.